ubudeco specialises in sales of editions and prints by Asian artists through online selling exhibitions commits to making quality artworks accessible to everyone with an affordable price

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is the first online platform for promoting Asian artists of cross-disciplinary art forms through online selling exhibitions

ubudeco.com offers “click to collect” unique experience to our collectors, from art collecting, framing to door-to-door delivery around the world. We hand pick the museum quality materials to ensure the best quality of our editions and prints, yet at an affordable price, as we aim at making quality artwork accessible to everyone.

Through our virtual exhibitions, we organise “Meet Our Artists” and “Webinars” programs to foster direct dialogues between our artists and art lovers, collectors and media.

Many people may ask what “ubudeco” means?

“Ubu” is a Nguni language spoken in South Africa meaning “we”, “we are” and can be extended to a concept of “sharing what we like to all people”. With ubudeco, artists can unleash their creativity and demonstrate their talents globally. We believe artworks inspire us and enlighten our life. ubudeco aspires to gather talented artists from around the world to share passion and beautiful things in life through their amazing artworks.

In ubudeco.com, we continue support the artist community. I hope will find your favourite paintings for your home and working place, and enjoy your artistic journey with us everyday.

Many thanks.

  by Summie Leung – FOUNDER