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Pong TONG – New Artist Jan 2021

Pong Tong (b. 1994, Hong Kong) is a young Hong Kong. Born and raised in cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Tong, mostly working in paintings, is dedicated to depicting the sarcasms and ironies of everyday matters. He has shown work in the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair 2016 and First Take student showcase at Galerie Perrotin in 2013. He allows the sensitive instinct to guide him through cultures, discovering the connections and identities among the surroundings, and to support his brushstrokes to visualize the actuality behind the seeable.

Happy Ever After 2014 – 2020

The painting started in 2014 and finished 2019, in Hong Kong, which no longer exist.

The France Collage

Inspired by different items during the study in Southern France, the painter collected and put them together in one piece, even the actual label.

Your Hero

“Being good is what was taught, being good is how this feels”

Tong is keen on making fun of the audience by the ambiguous representation and compositions, playing tricks on the perception of viewers and forcing them to be honest to what is being seen. His current work is themed as an emotional scream being a noob in this society, and a few of the pieces are playing with the language culture which can only be experienced in Hong Kong.

I Won’t

No Shit Given series – We Won’t. Take action before it happens.

I Can’t

No Shit Given series – I Can’t. When you can’t do much, take it while not letting it easy.

‘Just like everybody else,’ is the strongest suicide pill for anyone here on Earth. No one wants to be an underdog; people are always looking for certain achievements, yet a lot of times they ask themselves to be “normal” and what being done means nothing to the individuals. Life without meaning is tragic; human works every day just to survive but not knowing the destination. This “pointlessness” processes a spirit to a total waste with no effort; and we have way more waste than what is needed on this tiny planet.


The painting contains a collage of a replica and a modern background; bull fighting in front of ruin, reflecting the destruction of development.

You can view more of Pong’s artwork by CLICKING HERE.

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