Jason HO

“explores spaces where art, architecture & imagination collide, through the making of complete, immersive alternative realities”

Jason Ho was born in London in 1993. He currently lives and works in Hong
Kong. He is a chartered Architect and was trained at Cambridge University and
University College London. He attained a Master and Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction and First Class Honors respectively.

As an architect/artist, Jason Ho designs adventures. He explores spaces where art, architecture and imagination collide, through the making of complete, immersive alternative realities. His works unfold stories about technology, nature, sustainability, and communities, with entrancing details hidden within the layered narrative.

Awarded the Bartlett Medal and the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize. His works have received high commendation from renowned architectural and art organizations and have featured on the cover of the RIBA Journal. His drawings were exhibited in London, Denmark, and the USA which includes the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition and Roca London Gallery.

Jason Ho 1993 年出生於英國倫敦,現在香港生活和工作。畢業於劍橋大學及倫敦大學更以優異成績完成建築學碩士學位。他還獲得多個國際獎項, 他的作品更在著名建築和藝術機構獲得高度評價,並刊登上英國皇家建築師學會雜誌封面。他的畫作曾在倫敦、丹麥和美國展出。

Jason作為一名建築師亦是一位藝術家,他的作品以建築加以想像的虛幻空間, 讓觀賞者身臨其境來探索藝術。 他的作品展現了技術、自然、可持續性和社區的故事,畫中的隱藏細節令人慢慢回味。

WONDER series

An evocative architectural world designed by Jason. Presenting intensely detailed and adept work, this series of work offers fresh perspectives on experiential art. Through the journey to the wonder world, he shares a joyous yet blithesome adventure to the audience. He constantly seeks a return to the visceral aspects within the sheer joy of art/world making as he celebrates his new life as an “Art-chitect”.

Jason believes that all drawings embody many stories. His work is design-based and
narrative inspired, using the medium of story as message. Primary material informed by symbolic systems inspired in literature is employed in the creation, resulting in an unusual combination of theory and fantasy. His work combines traditional architectural line-drawing and digital assemblage technique that weaves multiple stories into one single piece.

Abstract paiting depicting a rabbit by Jason Ho

Genesis, 2022
oil on canvas
155cm x 90cm

WONDER系列 – 這一系列作品以未來的建築世界呈現出極其細緻的結構,為體驗藝術提供了全新的視角。在奇幻世界的旅程中,他與觀眾分享了一段段愉快的冒險經歷。作為慶祝自己成為“藝術建築師”的新生活時,他亦不斷追尋歸藝術與現實生活的樂趣。

Jason 相信所有創作都是由故事所啟發。他的作品亦以敘事為靈感,以故事為媒介。受天馬行空的科幻童話啟發,以象徵性的符號學和理性的科學理念作根基,結合超乎現實的幻想,創造前所未有又不尋常的奇幻作品。

Down the Rabbit-Hole, 2021
limited edition of 5
print on archival paper
155cm x 107.6cm