How a piece of art enhanced your home decor and reflects your personality?

An inspiration of home decoration with a picture hang in a living room
one line drawing artwork of a life drawing illustrating a nude model bowing down

People may think of Art are pieces of works in museum or galleries, like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.  However, it can be paintings from a contemporary artists or photos taken from a photographer.  To add colours and style in your daily life, Art is the best choice to put a personal touch on your home décor.

To decorate your home, you can choose an original artwork to make it unique, but an original artwork can be expensive particularly if the artist is famous.  Acquiring prints in limited editions is an option which are more affordable and still rare and unique.  With more choices of editions and prints, you can choose artworks you truly love to showcase your personality.

Whether it’s paintings or photos, the artwork you choose can tell people your personality from a straight-edged. The expression of the artwork is sometime obvious, while at the other times it is subtle. A centrepiece of natural landscape photos in the living room may reflect your outdoors enthusiasm, an incorporation of some city landmarks photos may show your passion to travel and an abstract painting in soothing colour hanging directly over the bed enhances the atmosphere of relaxation. The kitchen and bathroom are rooms that often gets neglected with Art. Getting a perfect balance is vital to ensure it works with the space and doesn’t overwhelm the room. You can choose smaller pieces that complement the space, like the social prints which shares your lifestyle and bring you smile.

The importance of art in our daily lives is that it can make life joyful and make you feel comfort. It also presents your style and reflects your intricate identities.

An inspiration of home decoration with a picture hang in a living room