Exhibition, PMQ

Pursuance – PMQ 13 Mar to 11 Apr 2021

Pursuance - ubudeco group artists exhibition in PMQ
Trifling matters everyday and the bustling city makes the soul missing …

The Ubudeco Artists Group Exhibition showcases the artworks of different young artists from Hong Kong in four themes, “REMINISCE”, “ARTISTRY”, “SENSATION” and “SERENITY”, which gives audiences the chance to recollect their forgotten memories and sentiments from the soul.


This theme highlighted our 3 artists who feature the magnificent scenery of Hong Kong from the old days and the present.  Kilias Hung and Guillaume How Choong captures the very moments of Hong Kong’s fascinating scenary through their lens.  Andreas von Buddenbrock and Ling Ng depict the cityscape and their impression of Hong Kong through different styles of paintings.


This theme presents the beauty of lines in paintings from Andreas von Buddenbrock and Ling Ng.  Andreas is an avid lover of Hong Kong, his drawings in beautiful lines portray both famous landmarks and other, more hidden spots located around the city.  Ling uses the “Continuous line drawing” technique to depict aesthetics with alternative perceptive and draws the pictures with beauty and spirit.


This theme focuses on the style and expression of the artworks to showcase the ideology and pursuance of the artists.  Pong Tong’s works themed as an emotional scream being a noob in this society, and a few of the pieces are playing with the language culture which can only be experienced in Hong Kong.  Julia Marinelli’s paintings illustrate a surreal connection between Human and nature, combining and mixing a human figure with different elements.  Melody Lai’s artwork is in abstract form illustrating her feelings in a very authentic way as an expression to relief herself from holding all the feelings within.


This theme features 3 artists works which express their introspection to life and the pursuance of life and religious fulfilment.  Kwan Yung Yee express her anxiety, bitterness and despair to reveal the weakness of humanity in the “Vessel” series.  She realises the fragility, vicious and dark of the human nature but she also believes that there is a beautiful flower in the deepest end of the heart undevastated and longing for the salvation.  Liz Mo like to keep a certain rawness in painting by using ordinary materials such as pencil, charcoals, ink and paper and uses simple tones such as black and white to reflect a stronger visual impact for the audience.  Amy Lo loves to picture lotus from different dimension of time to tell the story of the virtue of life represented by lotus.