Rachel WONG

Life is beautiful and art is whatever you make of it. Let’s have some fun.”

Rachel Wong has always been immersed in art. She was introduced to western art by her first art teacher Mr Fung Wing Chiu. Later she pursued Chinese calligraphy by following Mr Mok Tak Kwong and Chinese painting with Ms Tian Qing Ping. Her life has been enriched by her addiction to art. She decided to make her passion for art into a career by completing her tattoo apprenticeship in 2019. She is now a tattoo artist specialising in modern calligraphy art.

Chinese calligraphy is no longer just black and white. It’s no longer just about history and literature. Instead, the ideas of modern life and our advanced 21st century lifestyle are explored by crossing traditional calligraphy art over western and Japanese style with clashes and excitement in this exhibition. It may inspire you to re-examine what you think you know about traditional calligraphy.


藝術並非高不可攀,日常生活隨心也能頓悟出美。 決心以「不沉悶書法」為目標,以生活日常和人生期盼為題材,融合中國傳統書法水墨、⻄洋及日式畫風,以嶄新風格創作出一系列跳脫的作品,務求突破框架,打破大眾對書法藝術的固有觀感,在日常中重新發掘傳統的美。

Rachel’s Artworks

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

飛天遁地 《 Infinity 》, 2022
mixed media on paper
40cm x 60cm

行書 隸書: Infinity




With the pandemic affecting every aspect of life over the past few years, we need to learn to be more flexible and maintain our passion. Try our best to adapt to the new challenges and we will find our new world.

The classic street signage of a pawn shop with Tai-chi mirror, bat and coin is drawn in the piece, representing infinity, luck and fortune.

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

空色 《 A phantom 》, 2022
ink on paper
57.4cm x 38.4cm

行書: A phantom
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?



It includes two Chinese characters: reality and fantasy. According to Buddhist traditions, nothing is forever. Whatever you see in reality will eventually vanish. As reality is fantasy, the two characters are connected and written in one stroke. The bright pink background indicates the extravagance in reality, which clashes with vanishing fantasy.

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

瘋越 《 Dashing over Lion Rock》, 2022
mixed media on paper
60cm x 40cm


書畫當中有雲有山有沖浪。獅子山上面為獅子怒吼雲,加上日本浮世繪(ukiyo-e)傳統沖浪(Finger waves),作品奔放中見細節,亦以由近至遠的角度,讓沖浪帶出充滿立體感的洶湧澎湃。

Think out of the box so you can be inspired.
Lion Rock HK is seen in the painting with clouds which look like a roaring lion. The ‘finger waves’ are drawn in Ukiyo-e, a traditional Japanese art style which dating back to the 17th century. The waves show the overwhelming power coming from afar to the audience.

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

何不 《 Why not 》, 2022
mixed media on paper
60cm x 40cm

行書: Why not

達摩(Daruma)代表堅毅不屈的精神。人生中我們總有猶疑不決的時候,當我們勇敢踏出第一步,才 有機會成功。 日本文化中,為達摩點上左眼,代表許下願望。當願望已經成真,便會為達摩雙眼點睛。 單眼達摩旁風高浪急,配襯菊花,代表不明朗的秋天。雙眼達摩旁配櫻花,代表充滿生命力的春

Why not? In Japanese culture, Daruma represent strength and prudence. There are always moments of uncertainty and hesitation in our lives, making the first move is the gateway to success. Just be brave and go ahead.
In Japanese culture, colouring in left eye on a Daruma means making a wish. When the wish comes true, the right eye should be coloured. The one-eyed Daruma is with chrysanthemum, indicating the uncertainty of autumn. The two-eyed Daruma is with Sakura, indicating the vitality of spring.

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

醉 《 Chill 》, 2022
mixed media on paper
27cm x 18.5cm

隸書: Just chill, she’ll be fine



喝杯紅酒,Just chill, she’ll be fine.
We are not superheroes. We can’t fix everything. We should just let go if we have tried our best to solve problems in life. Just chill, have a glass, she’ll be fine.

Chinese painting depicting a Chinese ghost buster by Rachel Wong

鍾馗《 Zhong Kui vs. Stay Puft 》, 2022
mixed media on paper
40cm x 40cm

隸書: When a Chinese Ghost Buster meets Stay Puft



The Chinese ghost buster is stereotyped as an furious figure. By being confronted by Stay Puft marshmallow ghosts from Ghostbusters with the background of adorable Sakura, the piece shows a complete opposite image of the Chinese ghost buster. In the piece, the crossover between the modern life and traditional style, the East vs West, when the furious figure meets the fluffy villains, where a dramatic contrast is shown.

Sakura carries the meaning of hope. The petals leads the audience from the top right corner of the piece to the bottom left, landing at the phrase “benefiting from all”. We should try to be more open-minded and embrace changes—be a leader, not a follower.

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

願《 Wish 》, 2022
mixed media on paper
30cm x 30cm

隸書: Wish

當中水墨山為香港獅子山(Lion Rock) ,人生有時崎嶇難行,更要堅毅不屈,最後我們一定會走過荊棘,向”樂”的方向發展。

There is a Lion Rock HK in the piece. Life is sometimes difficult. We should never give up and eventually it will lead us to the pink character “happiness”.

Contemporary Chinese calligraphy by Rachel Wong

混沌中的初心之二 躍動《 Belief 2: Get set 》, 2022
ink on paper
40cm x 60cm

行書: Belief 2: Get Set




The character “heart” mimics a smiling face of a temple block, a percussion instrument. Carrying the meaning of Belief, we should still remain strong and positive even if the world is in chaos and wait for the moment so we can move forward. The character ends at the stamp “wish”, implying our strength and prudence will be eventually paid back when our wishes are fulfilled.
Upon rotating the piece through 360 degrees, some viewers observe different images, including an elegant swan, a carefree skier and a mother embracing her baby in her arms.

空色 《 A phantom 》, 2022
clay and metal
50cm x 20cm x 10cm

Variation of A phantom
Calligraphy sculpture: Two become one

作品為Rachel Wong首個立體書法雕塑,並破天荒首度同時以2D及3D立體書法雕塑同場展出。以璀燦金色之空色表現紙醉金迷的世界,並以樸實水泥衝擊,代表一切回歸原始作結。

It’s Rachel Wong’s first ever Chinese calligraphy sculpture and also the first time that two pieces including the actual Chinese calligraphy in paper form and 3D dimensions featured at exhibition. The gold indicates extravagance in daily life, while the concrete carries the meaning of that’s where everything starts.